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Hydraulic Double Acting Jack is designed for providing oil force and come with two ports. As the name depicts, they will be operated hydraulically in both directions. These jacks are available in different specifications and used in different applications. Hydro Dynamics, being one of the fastest-growing Hydraulic Double Acting Jack Manufacturers in Belgaum, Karnataka, have a wide range of Hydraulic Jack designed and customized according to the specifications defined by our customers.

Attributes Of Hydraulic Double Acting Jacks:

  • Double Acting Plain Ram Jack has a strong and solid body that besides ensuring long life, give protection against corrosion and other environmental damages.
  • Best to be used in heavy-duty applications and comes with high-pressure long life seals.
  • Capacity, working pressure and other dimensions can vary model to model.
  • The working of HDP Model Hydraulic Double Acting Jack is easy and can be handled stress-free even by a non-tech person.

Technical Specifications:

  • HDP model Hydro Double Acting Plain Ram Jack
  • Working Pressure 700 Bars
  • Strokes: 150 mm


  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Ship-Building
  • Construction Industries
  • Pile Load Testing
  • Hydraulic Presses
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Hydraulic Double Acting Jack - For Double Performance And Productivity

Hydraulic Double Acting Jack provide force in any direction of the ram, and therefore, suitable for hydraulic testing machines, lifting, heavy machinery, shifting of bridges etc. Their robustness can increase your operational efficiency and overall productivity. Therefore, investing in it would be an ideal choice.

Being one of the well-known Hydraulic Double Acting Jack Manufacturers, we bring forth quality solutions within a stipulated time frame. Call us now for more details.

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